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Getting Started is Easy!

AWESOME! You've decided to join the field for an exciting career in the Beauty or Barbering industry. UR Beauty & Barber Academy is here to educate and train students in the process of becoming a licensed professional!

Things you need to know:

Must be at least 16 years of age.

Must have proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. 

If the applicant is under the age of 18 he or she must have parent/guardian approval.

Applicants are required to have a school visitation and a personal interview with a school representative.

** Now have Ability to Benefit, if no HS Diploma or GED equivalent**

Pre-enrollment Receipt Example

The Pre-enrollment Receipt is done prior to enrollment. This document provides students with the necessary information to be well informed on the location of our school catalog, the schools current rates, Certification/licensure requirements, State required information, etc. Take a look below to get an example of  what you can expect...

Financial Aid- Scholarships-VA

Worried about funding your education? UR Beauty & Barber Academy offers Financial Aid Assistance (accepts FSEOG, Federal Pell, Federal DL Sub/Unsub, FDSLP Staff Unsub, FDSLP Staff, FDSLP Plus), VA/G.I. Bill, and self paying students are welcome.

 **Financial Aid is available for those who qualify**


UR Beauty & Barber Academy staff are ready to be of assistance to students as needed. Information and advice are available to students regarding licensure requirements, reciprocity, employment opportunities, opportunities for continuing education, financial assistance, referrals for professional assistance, and student progress within the program of study. Any problems that may arise will be discussed privately. Instructors are always willing to help as needed.

Transfer of Clock Hours

Clock hours earned at other institutions will be determined prior to enrollment and transferred in at time of enrollment only; no hours will be transferred in after enrollment. Individuals wishing to transfer clock hours earned at other institutions may be tested. To find out more about transferring clock hours please contact the Educational Director. Review school catalog for FAQ. 

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